Stress Away
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Our Vision: “Create a healthier society by connecting natural health practitionersto consumers so they can exchange services, share information and educate themselves on the benefits of alternative health care."

The concept forStress Away originated one late night while I was working really long hours in Finance. While I was on the phone with Pizza Hut, I realized what we really need is a stress reliever instead of fast food. At that moment, I wished I could order a reiki healer or a yoga teacher instead.

Since I have been practicing yoga, meditation and reiki for years, I was aware of the health benefits of those modalities. My goal was to bridge the gap between healers and consumers, while removing the high costs of renting studios and spas. .

That is how the idea of Stress Away was born. Our mission is to solve the problem of Stress most people face today, with the help of technology. I personally vet each practitioner to make sure they are all highly qualified with different skills from yoga to reiki and aromatherapy.

Only the most qualified reiki healers and yoga teachersare brought to your place within hours.

This is the passion behind Stress Away. Check us out; you will have an amazing experience!

Love and Peace,

Tania Ranguelova
Founder and CEO