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All of our yoga teachers are licensed and have gone extensive training. We offer different styles of yoga, ranging from Vinyasa / Power, Hatha, Restorative and Kundalini. Each session is customized to your specific needs and physical level. Most importantly, all of our teachers share a passion for yoga as a way to bring health and wellness to people.

StressAway X

This is our custom made technique that incorporates three healing modalities (yoga, reiki and essential oils therapy ). It is designed to treat the root cause of the disease and the patient as a whole: mind, body and spirit. All of our Stressaway X therapists are trained in yoga and reiki attuned. Call us at (818)-584-6301 to schedule a group class at your company or location.


We personally interview all of our reiki therapists to make sure they are highly qualified. Reiki is a vibrational energy therapy facilitated by light touch that balances the human biofield. It is proven to reduce stress, increase relaxation and promote healing by channeling the body's healing energy.

  • Gratuity is on us. No need to tip.
  • Available 7 days a week.
  • We can be there in 1 hour or schedule in advance.

Meet a few of our 5-star therapists

Customer Satisfaction

I loved Stressaway. It does literally wash the stress away. I ordered the service after a long day of work. My back was stiff and could not move. A therapist arrived timely and after some reiki, light stretching and essential oils I feel like new. Can't wait to try them again

-Michael J.

What a great idea. Anytime you feel lazy and don't feel like walking to the yoga studio, you can have an instructor come to you. They not only arrive right away but have plenty of surprises: like a cool massage oil or a surprise gift. Very happy and looking forward to my next appointment

-Lara K.

I am becoming addicted to Stressaway. Have ordered the yoga and the customized Stressaway X session and am very pleased. The therapists are extremely professional, on time and provide great service. Happy with the result. Will order again

-Jeff H.

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